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The venerable Nick La Salle and I have been writing and playing music together for some nine or ten years. The collaboration has pushed us and elevated both of us musically to ever-greater heights, not just in terms of our playing abilities, but in the complexity of our songs as well. Our music production today relies a lot on the internet, since we live a substantial distance from one another. Gotta love the internet.

Most of our material together isn't ready for public consumption. But as we finish songs, they'll be posted. To download, click the link(s) below.

Stay is a bluesy ballad. In its initial draft, I unwisely laid down the foundation track on guitar and vocal without the aide of a metronome, which resulted in tempo fluctuations . That's now been corrected. I've also added a bridge and a new guitar part. This is just three guitar parts (Gibson acoustic and a Les Paul) and my vox into a Røde NT1000 mic. The Les Paul was DI'd, and sounds like it. I haven't placed any bass guitar on this since I'm not certain it needs it. Barring a change of heart about that, and maybe the inclusion of some bongos, the only thing left is Mr. La Salle's backing vocals. And further mixing.  — Duncan

Stay     Stay (original verision)
© 2004 Duncan J Purcell & Nicholas La Salle
All rights reserved

When days drag on and on and on
and all that's good and cool is wrong
When all your friends are in a stew
and it's all because of you
Just stay —
with me.

The trees are yellow on the hill
The flowers weep like willows will
But autumn's always sad 'til gone
like some forgotten song
That stays —
with me.

Rain dripping down just like my tears
the end result of all those years
Maybe I'll ask just one more time
the years cannot rewind
They just stay —
with me.

And if you ask me
to sing you a song
well it might take too long
But if you're blue
and your friends
are far and few
I won't get it wrong

The beach is washed wave after wave
and every grain of sand remains
But all the sands of time
are like the snow —
only come and go
Stay —
with me.