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Prettiest Girl.jpg (223611 bytes)   The prettiest girl in the world                                  Some guy from Rancho Duncanjp2006.jpg (277870 bytes)

DP Aug 2005.jpg (67370 bytes) Opening for a pretty hot rock band at the Pollock Pines Community Center near my house in the Sierra Nevada, shown here through the lens of a disposable camera

DuncJan3Mar06.jpg (119111 bytes) My dear wife of 21 years, Janet, and I, standing on the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California, March 7, 2006

Redwood Dunc 8Mar06.jpg (138585 bytes) March 8, 2006, in the redwoods. There's no church on Earth closer to God than a redwood forest.

Benbow Dunc.jpg (208479 bytes) Benbow Inn, again in the redwoods, Northern California, October 2005


    PurcellLaSalle.jpg (77858 bytes)     Dunc&Nick02.jpg (61434 bytes) Nick by-God La Salle and Duncan Purcell sometime late in 2002   

NYC.jpg (85041 bytes)  Recovering here from a lost count of martinis, beer, wine, song, and too much fun outside Rudy's Guitars in Manhattan, November 2003. Having spent the night before binge drinking in Manhattan, I blew off the Statue of Liberty in favor of sleeping 'til noon. Then spent the afternoon visiting the guitar shops off Times Square, in preparation for another night of boozing on Broadway. You gotta love New York.

DuncTieGibsonC_small.jpg (2020 bytes)    My latest acquisition, a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe from Guitar Center in Sacramento, California. Note the B&W MiniTraps behind me from realtraps.com. Acoustic treatments can make a huge difference in a studio.